Our First Strides

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man in black and red plaid shirt and black pants standing on track field during daytime

Humanitix Ticketing

We choose to host our events through Humanitix, a not-for-profit ticketing platform that is committed to ethical principles. 100% of any profits earned by Humanitix from any booking fees for our events are used to fund education projects for the most disadvantaged kids around Australia and abroad. Free events do not have any booking fees. If you host events, consider if their platform could work for you too. While it is not our motivation for sharing, please also be aware that if you choose to organise paid events through Humanitix from our referral, we may be paid a commission through their affiliate program.


We haven't held any events yet, but before you know it this section will be a beautiful record of all the strides we have taken together for a brighter future.